Halfway through Fit Club 2

January 9th, 2009 by Louis

Hey everybody,

Bucky here, hope everyone had a great holiday season.  Wow, I can’t believe it is 2009 already, and that we’re already more than halfway through Fit Club 2.  Things are going amazingly well as you can imagine.  The kids are working so hard to earn their shoes donated by TrySports from us.  Many are only a few stars away.

Let me just take a minute and update everyone about our Holiday Break.  We certainly had a nice two weeks of the school to ourselves.  We continued to meet during the break and had a blast.  We spent one session working on a rap song about Fit Club.  We divided the group into 2 parts with the boys being one group and the girls the other.  I must say I’m glad I took place in this because it was probably the most fun I’ve had in the longest time.  I helped with the boys group and we put together a little tune to the melody of the theme song for “the Fresh Prince of Bellair”.  The ladies went with the Christmas tune “the Tweleve days of Christmas”.  It was a blast.  We even hooked up a few microphones and performed them at the end of the session.  It was great!

We also had a great Yoga session during the break led by Andrew, a friend of Fit Club.  Andrew was amazing with our kids.  They were practically standing on their heads by the head of the session.  He brought the whole Yoga experience with him, and I can tell you that we all left that day feeling a lot better! Thanks again Andrew!

Now, we are back to our normal Fit Club schedule, and we only have a few weeks left.  You can tell the atmosphere and attitudes of everyone are changing.  Yesterday at Fit Club, we spent a good amount of time explaining the day in and day out routine of living that healthy lifestyle.  I really think we had some light bulbs going off.  Our RD,  Mary-Elyse Edgar, even said that this was the best they’ve done so far!  That’s an amazing compliment!

Well, that’s all for now but be sure to stay tuned.  We’ve got a lot more planned.  Let’s just say we like to end stronger than when we started!

Thanks for reading!!

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