John’s Island Fit Club!

October 4th, 2009 by Louis


Hey everybody! It’s Bucky here and I’ve got an update for you for our John’s Island launch of Fit Club. It has really been amazing out on John’s Island. The staff at Haut Gap has really been amazing! They are extremely supportive not only for our program, but to many others that are also at the middle school.  Right now, everyone is working tirelessly to bring everything we can to our kids out there.  So far this Fit Club we’ve really increased our fitness component.  We’ve already done karate, a little football, and some serious cardiovascular activities.  Two weeks ago, we also had a visit from Brooke Kotcella and Tony White Jr. from the College of Charleston’s Mens and Womens Basketball Teams.  They helped us put on a mini clinic for our kids.  It was a great day and we end that day with a basketball signing!

We also had our first trip to the pool.  We brought 15 kids off of John’s Island and into the city.  Over half the kids have never seen a pool before and almost all of the kids have never swam before!  It was so exciting for me to beable to share a part of my life with these kids that day.  I’ve included a photo from the pool visit and there are more on my facebook page and you can click here to see them.  By the end of the hour, we had all the kids swimming by themselves.  As always we’re only as good as the good people we surround ourselves with, and that day we had some amazing volunteers (all former collegiate swimmers) to lend a helping hand.

What is upcoming for Fit Club??  Well, we’ve got less than 10 weeks left and already we’ve lost over 60 pounds collectively.  The next 9 weeks will really be an adventure.  We’ve got the TrySports’ van coming out to John’s Island to outfit the kids is state of the art athletic shoes.  We’ve got a few more guest fitness instructors coming soon including yoga and volleyball.  The Yoga Marathon at Marion Square is happening on the tenth of October from 12-3, and we’ll have some of the kids out there participating.  There’s a great Halloween run happening on October 24 to support Louie’s Kids and we’ll be out there running the race with everybody else!

As you can see we are busy, and we do not have plans to slow down.  We can always use a helping hand so if you’re interested please connect with us using the volunteer button.  Please stay tuned and keep your eyes on the look out for us.


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2 Responses

  1. briandria Says:

    omgggggggggggggggggi see my brother and me we look so different. We used to love louies kids it was so much fun im glad i got a chance to do it

  2. briandria Says:

    omggggggggggggggggg i see my brother and me we look so different. We used to love louies kids it was so much fun im glad i got a chance to do it!!

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