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Thank you, Post & Courier

October 27th, 2011 by ashleyg

Thank you to the Post and Courier and David Quick for spreading the news on our many events and programs that we do! Click to see the article about our 8th Annual Yoga Marathon!

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Our Yoga Marathon is this Saturday, October 29th!

October 24th, 2011 by ashleyg

Details and registration information below!


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Race Day and Using Your Mind to Help You Succeed

October 19th, 2011 by Dr. Rachel

Congratulations, you have been training and now the day has arrived. You may have been waking up early to get your training in, planning your day around it, and have probably asked yourself on several occasions, are you really doing this? Well, here you are. The day is approaching and you have put a lot of hard work into your preparation for this day that you will be able to cross that finish line and say “I did it!” At this point you need to trust your body and all of the training that you have done, but you also need to trust your mind and use it to your advantage. So, at this point, let your mind do its job. 

There are a few mental strategies that are useful to use on race day. The first is imagery and visualization, which involves the process of creating ‘pictures’ in your mind and seeing yourself succeed. Additionally, you will want to use positive thinking and self talk. Our mind is extremely powerful and if you tell yourself something enough you will believe it. Also, our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions are all connected. Therefore, if you have negative thoughts you are automatically going to start feeling poorly and not able to fulfill your goal. You may see that you slow down and all of a sudden feel pain that you did not feel before. So, the first thing you need to do is get rid of all of your negative thoughts. You can simply say “stop” if your mind starts going there. You need to approach the situation in a positive way, see yourself succeeding, and then motivate yourself utilizing positive self talk. In essence, your mind needs to be your own personal cheerleader. It is often helpful to also have a word or phrase that you can say to yourself that will remind you why you are doing this, what you are doing it for, and that you can do it. Perhaps something as simple as “I can” that you can repeat to yourself when you need that extra pick me up. Also, remember the facts and remind yourself that you ARE prepared and that you not only CAN do this, but you ARE doing it. Now get out there and have fun!


Dr. Rachel is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in obesity and weight management. She also has training in sport and health psychology. She currently works at Bellevue Center for Obesity & Weight Management. She ran in the 2007 NYC marathon, several half marathons, and a sprint distance triathlon to raise money for RunBuddies. She continues to live an active lifestyle and enjoys helping others live healthier lives. Feel free to post a question or comment and/or email her at

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A Healthy Selfishness

October 10th, 2011 by Dr. Rachel

A Healthy Selfishness by: Rachel L. Goldman, Ph.D.

We all have choices to make. You chose to change your life and live a healthy lifestyle- that choice is the beginning of a journey towards healthy. We wake up each day with a choice of how we want to spend each day. We may wake up and decide to do our morning exercise, or we may decide to skip it; we may decide to eat a healthy breakfast, or an unhealthy breakfast. There are many decisions that we make in life and every day we are confronted with several decisions. YOU decided to get healthy, but now YOU have to decide to continue on that journey. Sometimes your decisions may seem appropriate at the time, and others may not. We need to accept the decisions that we make, but we also need to constantly be revisiting our decisions and allow ourselves to be flexible. Maybe you decide to participate in your morning exercise, but then you feel guilty for some reason, for taking that time away from other things- maybe from your family, work, school, or other responsibilities that you could have been attending to. First of all, it was your decision, so own it. Secondly, think about why you made that decision to begin with.  Did you do it because it seemed appropriate at the time? Did you do it to make yourself feel better? We all deserve to do things in life that make us feel better and that promote physical and emotional health. We have needs and are entitled to fulfill them. This is a “healthy selfishness;” knowing what you need to do and allowing yourself to achieve it. You need to take control of your health and your life. Ask those around you for support and to cooperate with your efforts. It is not easy, there can be rocks in the road, but we can always step over them, or take another path to get to the same place. This is the beginning of your journey; don’t let those rocks become boulders; don’t allow others to take control of your life. You decided to get healthy for a reason. Think back to the initial reason you chose to pursue this journey. You may have thought “I wanted to fit into those skinny jeans.” Break that thought down into smaller thoughts. What would make it possible to fit into skinny jeans? Losing weight would, so perhaps you chose to make healthy changes to lose weight.  Keep breaking that thought down to the essence of what you truly wanted. What does it mean to lose weight? Inevitably you chose to make changes to your life to become healthy. You made a decision one day to become healthy and you decided to make changes to do just that- to get healthy; perhaps to lower cholesterol, to not have to take all of those medications, to be able to be active and enjoy your youth and your family, to be able to ride on an amusement park ride, or to be able to comfortably walk around the mall. You made a decision to get healthy. So, make a decision to be okay with your choice of becoming healthy and having a healthy selfishness. Accept it, own it, and do it! Allow yourself to continue the journey of health and you WILL succeed!



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8th Annual Yoga Marathon Date Announced ~ Saturday, October 29th, 2011

October 1st, 2011 by ashleyg

The 8th Annual Yoga Marathon presented by Half Moon Outfitters to benefit Louie’s Kids and Run Buddies in Charleston, SC will be held on Saturday, October 29th! Join us in Marion Square from noon to 3pm for an afternoon of sun salutations and downward dogs to raise funds for our special programs. To register yourself or your team, Click Here.

For more information, please call 843-724-9267 or email

Start practicing your poses and share with all of your friends!

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