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Louis Yuhasz Interviewed on CBS Radio in NYC on Run Buddies

April 6th, 2011 by Louis

Listen to Louie’s Kid Founder/CEO Louis Yuhasz on CBS Radio in New York City as he shares the story of Run Buddies to all of the world.

Louis on CBS part 1

Louis on CBS part 2

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10 Years of Fighting Childhood Obesity – a Post and Courier interview

January 20th, 2011 by Louis

David Quick interviews Louis Yuhasz, founder and CEO of Louie’s Kids and Run Buddies on the history of Louie’s Kids.

Click here to read the article

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Skinny Wishes to Donate Portion of Doctor Enlistment Online Fee to Non-Profit Organization Louie’s Kids

October 22nd, 2009 by 2F


Brightgeist Media Announces Launch of New Bariatric and Weight Loss Website Connecting Consumers in Search of Professional Treatment

Skinny Wishes to Donate Portion of Doctor Enlistment Online Fee to Non-Profit Organization Louie’s Kids to Help Fight Childhood Obesity

September 22, 2009 New York, NY – Brightgeist Media Inc., a leader in performance advertising, today announced the launch of, a bariatric and weight loss website designed to bring consumers in search of professional treatment and physicians together in one intuitive, user-friendly platform. The new website builds on the success of Brightgeist’s current online advertising solution and is among the first services of its kind to specifically address the needs of both the consumer and service providers within the bariatric and weight loss community.

In addition, as part of its corporate mission to help fight obesity, Skinny Wishes will donate a percentage of its doctor enlistment online fee to Louie’s Kids, a nonprofit organization that helps to treat childhood obesity on behalf of economically disadvantaged children nationwide. provides an efficient life cycle “roadmap” to help guide individuals searching for professional bariatric and weight loss information in the appropriate direction of a healthier lifestyle. The site features a directory of physicians, weight loss seminars in local regions, and an “Experts Forum” which is an interactive community of physicians, nurses and nutritionists who answer readers’ questions and share their insight on issues and topics related to obesity, weight loss and nutrition. The Forum’s Q&A segment can be followed on Twitter.

In the coming months, will be introducing new site features including additional professional directories enlisting nutritionists and non-surgical based weight loss clinics; weight loss programs and post maintenance solutions; a comprehensive Spanish- language section; and customizable pages populated with additional user defined bariatric and weight loss content.

“ is committed to connecting consumers searching for bariatric and weight loss solutions with doctors and surgeons by leveraging our network of high quality traffic and content in order to offer a more measurable and meaningful alternative than cluttered online directories,” states chief executive officer of Brightgeist Media Marcela Shine. “Our corporate mission is to arm individuals with the proper knowledge and tools so that they, in turn, can find the service professional that will guide them to a healthier lifestyle. We are pleased that part of the doctors’ enlistment fees will be donated to Louie’s Kids to help fight children’s obesity in the U.S.”

For more information about or if you are a doctor or service professional who would like to be listed on the site, please visit

About is a leading bariatric and weight loss site that connects individuals seeking weight loss treatment to service professionals. Our platform delivers the tools necessary to make  this connection more meaningful and efficient. is owned by Brightgeist Media, a leader in performance advertising since 2004.

About Brightgeist Media, Inc.

Brightgeist Media, a leader in performance advertising, connects consumers to the right service professionals through relevant information and compelling content. Our vision is to optimize the quality of this connection efficiently using our network of high quality traffic and lead generation.

Since 2004, Brightgeist Media has been a leader in property based lead generation and is a publisher of high quality networks including financial, health and legal. The company started as a supplier of financial leads and has since expanded into multiple channels and media. Brightgeist Media is headquartered in New York City.

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King Street Kitchen Co. – Grand Opening and Fundraiser on the 13th

November 10th, 2008 by 2F


We could have never imagined such a wonderful response at our Sneak Peak during the Fall Design Walk October 23rd. Thank the hundreds of visitors who came out to show your support.

Continuing the trend of exciting events, King Street Kitchen Company’s November 13th Grand Opening will not only be a celebration of great design, it will also be a celebration for a locally operated organization, Louie’s Kids, that helps treat childhood obesity nationwide. LouiesKids
Just like Louie’s Kids does through education and fitness programs, we hope to influence healthy lifestyles by creating cooking and living environments that our clients love to live in. Please join us for this celebration, see our new showcases and learn about KSKC kitchens for your home.  You’ll see favorite products that we’ve used in past projects, vintage materials being reintroduced as unique design solutions, and totally new products making their debut in the world of kitchen design. Come meet our designers, enjoy the party and help us thank Louie’s Kids for all of their positive influence in our society.
King Street Kitchen Company is located at 543 King Street in the Upper King Design District. Parking is available at the Visitors Center between John and Ann, and shuttles will be provided by Baker Motor Company of Charleston.

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Louie’s Kids on ABC News 4

July 1st, 2008 by Louis

Louie’s Kids was recently featured on ABC News 4 with a segment called ‘Fighting childhood obesity’. Check it out using the link below.

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Fit Club’ Launch

June 13th, 2008 by Louis

Fit Club’ is a newly designed and custom tailored program (developed by Louie’s Kids and Wellspring Academy) that incorporates research based interventions and ongoing support to fight childhood obesity. The plan includes nutritional education; a daily regimen of physical activity; ongoing monitoring via a website; tracking through daily journaling; family engagement; weekly conference calls with a clinician; and meetings at the school for encouragement and support for approximately six hours per week. In partnership with Wellspring Academy, Louie’s Kids has developed this 4-month customized solution that will be implemented through collaborative efforts with school administrators and staff at Mitchell Elementary School in Charleston.

With the support of the school nurse and school administrators, 20 children will be identified who are clinically obese (BMI of 30 or higher). The program will begin in June and conclude in late September. Each week, selected children (ages xx-xx) will meet with the Program Coordinator at Mitchell Elementary School. Various activities will include an exercise regimen, nutritional counseling, utilizing the school computer lab for filling out food journals, and parent education. Children will learn how to manage a healthy weight by making healthy choices including how to snack healthy, how to cook healthy, how to incorporate physical activity in ones daily lives, how keeping a journal can help them in their journey to a healthier lifestyle, and will receive clinical support from a trained, licensed clinician from Wellspring Academy.

Hours are 4-6 pm Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at Mitchell Elementary. One hour each meeting will have a physical fitness component and a behavioral counseling session with a trained and licensed weight-loss counselor.

Download Press Release (pdf)

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Louis & Rachel Ray

June 1st, 2008 by Louis

Watch Louis on The Rachel Ray Show

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Louie’s Kids on the Rachael Ray Show – Friday, April 18th!

April 16th, 2008 by Louis

We were so fortunate for the Rachael Ray Show to recognize the hard work being done at So as of Friday, April 18th we are under another national spotlight. Thanks to the amazing producers there at the show –and all of you, my “village” is making it happen …one child at a time!

Without all of you this would have never happened. I hope you’ll continue to spread the word about One of the kids in the piece is over 220 lbs and is only 14. He’s lost 40 pounds and for now is living at the boarding school just outside Asheville, NC. He was eating himself to death before his Mom mortgaged her home to get him to Wellspring Academy (formerly Academy of the Sierra-Carolinas). We’re cheering Kevin on in hopes that he’ll earn a spot at summer camp this year as a reward – and the sealing of his fate for a healthful life.

The other kid is Danielle. Danielle’s entire life has changed since Louie’s Kids started working with her just 2 years ago. Over 60 lbs later and with the self-esteem of 10 kids her age she’s a testament to what we are doing and the fact that it works. Her Mom tells us she raises her hand in class, first, she’s outgoing, energetic and an entirely different kid than she was when we first met her.

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